Quality of Service Delivery/Public Service:

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Public Service involves the active engagement of Civil Servants with citizens or service providers to provide the required Public Service with high standard and high quality.

It’s the commitment of Public Organisations or Public Service Providers to provide quality public services.

Recent Ethics Examples:

1) There are many Aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE, and many used to Attempt it.

Centre of examination used to be in big cities like Delhi, Bengaluru. And traffic of cities used to be more.

Recently Chief Public Relations Officer of Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation Limited, Announced that the Metro Train Services will start at 6:00 am on 28th May instead of 7:00 am from all the terminal stations specially for UPSC CSE Aspirants.

It is the best example of Quality of Public Service as keeping in mind the Exam of Civil Service Aspirants.

2) Delhi is often known for UPSC, It is known for hub of UPSC preparation. Millions of Aspirants used to stay there for it.

Like Bengaluru, Officers of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Announced that Metro Rail Services to begin at 6:00 am on 28th May instead of regular time specially for UPSC CSE Aspirants.

Keeping in the mind the Citizens Requirements and taking actions needed to give the best service, and to make the Aspirants journey easy and hassle free, such steps like  Delhi Metro and Bengaluru Metro were much needed.

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