Plastic Pollution:

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Plastic pollution is the process by which plastic materials enter and contaminate ecosystems,disrupting the balance of the ecological system.

Facts About Plastic Pollution:

• As per the Earth Action, 98.55% of generated waste being mismanaged in India.

Out of the 12 countries of the World, primarily known for mismanaged of plastic waste, among those India accounting for 52% of the mismanaged plastic waste.

• As per Centre for Science and Environment, 12.3% plastic waste recycled in India.

Overshoot Day:The Day when generation of plastic waste exceeds the waste management capacity, which causes ultimately Environmental Pollution.

√ India witnessed it’s Plastic Overshoot Day on 6th January 2023.

• As per Central Pollution Control Board, Generation of 3.4 million tonnes of plastic waste per year.

Impact of Plastic Pollution:

• Plastics do not get degraded well and retain as it is in the same condition for long years.

• Dumping plastic waste releases the chemicals contain in plastic and it leads to contaminate the Soil.

• It affects the Ground water quality by absorbing chemicals contain in plastic waste. Leaking of harmful toxins and chemicals in the water.

• It affects the Marine Ecosystem greatly, Small Particles of Plastic Waste gets consumed by Marine Animals, also plastic nets get entangled with Marine Lives.

• Micro Plastics enter into the Marine Ecosystem, affects the Ecosystem greatly.

• Burning of plastic waste also causes the release of Chemicals into the Air which causes ultimately the Respiratory Disorders.

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Challenges in reducing the Plastic Pollution:

• Consumer behaviour, habit of using plastics at every steps of life.

• Unavailability of suitable alternatives, alternatives which are available costly.

• Very poor implementation of Government Policies, such as Plastic Waste Management Amendment Rules, 2021.

• Very poor waste management system, as growing use of plastic, and waste produced hugely. But management system has not been improved.

Globally rate of recycling of plastic waste is less than 20%.

• In most of countries, there is lack of plastic waste management infrastructure, which results into the dumping of plastic waste in landfills or oceans.

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Way Forward:

• Spreading awareness about the impact of plastic waste, through media etc.

• Adoption and promotion of eco-friendly alternatives like Jute Bags.

• Implementation of Plastic Waste Management (Amendment) Rules, 2021 strictly.

• Bringing private sector collaboration in the management of plastic waste.

• Cooperation of Government, Cibil Societies, NGOs, and Private sector for better management.

• Promoting and Incentivising the recycling of plastic waste.


Plastic waste is a global highlighted issues of the current century. Not only the human livelihood but the wildlife and marine ecosystem also affects greatly due to plastic waste.

Greater collaboration of All countries and extending support to each other to end the plastic Pollution.

With the UNEA’s Resolution to “End Plastic Pollution”. Every country should co-ordinate and implement their own National action plan.

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