Mobile Addiction and Stress

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√ We are so much addicted to the mobile, even everybody is too much addicted.

√ And this addiction causes, Stress, Irrelevant habits, Negative energy, Negative thoughts, Deterioration of human capital, Affects minds greatly.

✨Just, Imagine, why we are addicted? why our parents and grandparents generation was not addicted and living with nature and society more?

Cause Smartphones brought some changes, For time- Checking mobile, for Alarm- setting alarm in mobile, for stopwatch-using mobile, for calculator-again mobile, for battery-flashlight of mobile, for payment-again mobile, to make a schedule-again using calender of mobile.

So, do you think our parents generation did not have this?

They did not have mobile, but they were having all these things and that’s why they were not addicted to one thing.

Pahle Maa kahti thi, Wo calender le to jara, Diwali kab hai dekhna hai,

Baba ke pass sabse acchi battery hoti thi,

Wo calculation ke liye, Ghar ki excercise, Didi ke liye layi Hui badi wali alarm clock, abhi bhi hai, right.😁

Payment ke liye, Baba ki pocket, aur Maa ki purse always ready.

Baba ke Sath me khet me chidiya ko bhagane jane ke liye sath chalna, ground me baith ke Pranayam karna, kitna achha tha.

Dictionary me words khojne ke games khelna, kitna accha tha n.

Are we losing ourselves in the technology?

Yes, Addiction is building stress, hampering mental status, pushing ourselves into the selfish competitive social nature, living for likes, comments etc.

For a civil servant, what should we do to reduce our addiction and focus on happy life?

Koi bate kar Raha hai to Mobile bar bar dekhne wala IAS kisi ko achha nahi lagta 😁

√ We have to think and do like our parents and grandparents to avoid addiction.

√ And I will suggest to everyone few things to buy for this,

• Battery (Flashlight)
• Alarm Clock
• Calculator
• Calender
• Watch
• Dictionary etc

And keeping cash for security instead of depending on phonepe.

√ After this, try to think like parents, And whenever you feel like I need to check time, instead of mobile, check in watch, whenever you feel to set alarm, set in clock, whenever you will feel to check dates or to prepare schedule-check calender.

√ No need to check mobile repeatedly.

√ And for only extra-ordinary things, use mobile, like lectures, PDFs etc.

√ But try to be less dependent on mobile for PDFs, few very imp PDFs ki photocopy karlo.

√ Start a day, and keep one blank page on table, whenever you want to search anything on Google, write on blank page.

And at the end of the day, search all doubts in one go.

Remember, Our parents also have mobile, but they are not addicted like us, why cause whenever they want to know time, they check watch, whenever they want to check any date, they take calender not mobile. That’s the difference between addiction.

Why this now?

Cause whenever we take mobile to check time, due to our addiction, we open telegram and do unwanted things or bakar, or whenever we take mobile to search any doubt on Google, we divert to open Youtube, Insta etc.

√ And for your kind information, even if we once open these apps, We watch usually average 40-50 reels or short videos at a time,

And each short video used to be of average 50 sec, so we waste near about 30 minutes in one go.

√ And then suddenly we remember, are mujhe to kuch aur hi kam tha, btw why I opened Youtube? Oh shit, I wanted to check Current news, then I check that after wasting 30-40 minutes.

√ This is something this generation need to avoid.

This is how, your addiction will be reduced. And do yoga, excercise, walking etc to feel best.

For anything, feel free to ask.

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