Attitude creates a difference and builds a peace:

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There is a person named Dadarao Bilhore working as a vegetable vendor resident of Mumbai. His son named Prakash was riding a bike and His Bike slipped into the big pothole created in the road.

Unfortunately he died on the spot due to that Pothole. His father was sad.

He was wandering everywhere, was feeling sad due to his son’s death. But was thinking that what if it would harm many others like this?

Despite the biggest shock, he developed positive attitude and He then decided to do something for society, his experience pushed him to do good for community.

He was wandering everywhere by saying to construct good roads, was filling the potholes whatever he goes. Likewise that man filled more than 556 potholes in the Mumbai City.

And His positive attitude or Attitude towards it, created a big difference in the society, and made the society peaceful and inspired many. It led to build peace cause major accidents got avoided due to this.

Attitude creates a big difference in the lives of people, difference in our own life. And it is helpful a lot in building peace. Similarly we will try to understand deeply about Attitude, it’s meaning and how it creates a difference and how it builds peace in the following essay.

Attitude: Meaning and It’s formation

Attitude refers to a person’s mental view, regarding the way he/she thinks or feels about someone or something.

Ex. Teaching students regularly about Yoga and Meditation and it’s impact on the health. Students those who do it develop attitude towards yoga and meditation positively. And those who don’t develop attitude negatively.

Attitude reflects one’s emotions, opinions and thoughts. Attitude is defined by the way we perceive things.

Ex. If a person falls ill regularly by eating junk food instead of healthy food, then that person is likely to develop a negative attitude, he may start disliking the junk food. And he then start liking healthy food, and he may develop positive attitude towards it.

Attitudes get formed by the following:

a) Simple Exposure to the objects:

Attitude gets created due to mere exposure to the objects.

For Ex. The person was refusing to have a tea always, one day he had a tea and he liked it.

He started feeling good after that, He then started to have it regularly cause his positive attitude developed towards it.

b) Direct Personal Experience:

Driver of a Truck escaped the death despite his Bus hit hardly to the other vehicle. He then realised the importance of life, he moved back
to his village as from that villege many were drivers.

He took it positively, learned from the experience, and decided to teach everyone else, and inspire others to have a formal job.

He then, recognised by all, and it led to transformed the picture of villege.

c) By Conditioning Process:

Persons Attitude gets formed by classical conditioning by the means of rewards or punishment.

For ex. Two children in a school, one was doing homework regularly gets rewards and one who was not doing was getting punishment.

One who was getting rewards always thinks positively, and doing homework by thinking about rewards. But the one who was not doing was always getting punishment.

d) Through Observational Learning:

Persons Attitude gets formed by observing others.

For Ex. Person in a group was using Phonepe to do payments fastly, and the one person in a group did not have it.

He then was keeping cash for payments, sometimes he was forgetting his wallet.

By observing his friends regularly, he installed Phonepe and adopted the of his friends. Was feeling good dur to quick payments.

Attitude formation lead to the creation of difference due to Adoption of that particular attitude in one’s behaviour and life.

Attitude creates a difference:

a) Attitude acts as a vehicle for a change. It helps to perceive and interpret situations clearly. It helps us to adopt positive and beneficial to one’s life, and helps us to avoid negative which is harmful.

With the adoption of positive attitude in a life, we utilise maximum opportunities in our life, and we work positively towards it, it leads to the growth and developement of ours.

Which ultimately creates a big difference.

b) Positive Attitude helps us to take steps ahead in life, even in case of problems, it helps us to find solutions always. It keeps motivated to do our work consistently which ultimately makes us successful.

Ex. Mahatma Gandhi: Who was very much positive about his policy of Satyagraha and Truth. His actions inspired him and kept motivated despite lots of problems from the Britishers.

He ultimately won the battle with positivity which led to the creation of big difference in the form of independence.

c) Having a positive attitude develops empathy and compassion towards people and greater understanding towards problems.

For Ex. Mahatma Gandhi due to his positive attitude, he perceived problems of society well. He created awareness campaigns about reducing untouchability.

Similarly, Raja Rammohan Roy, With his positive attitude, he decided to bring change in the society by removing old practices like Sati.

His devotion and great awareness with positive attitude, led to Stop Sati.

It brought Change in the society, it created big difference.

d) Having moral Attitude creates a big difference, Ex. King Yudhishthir was known for Dharma, he was always sided with right things.

He was always doing right things in his life, therefore his moral Attitude gave a message to the all. And it created big difference. As the many knows the Yudhishthir for his righteousness.

e) Attitude towards politics, political Attitude, it creates a difference in the systems of polity.

Having positive political Attitude makes a person to act for the betterment of people while negative political Attitude leads to increased the cases of corruption and utilisation of govt machinery for personal gains.

Contribution of Attitude in building peace:

a) Peace gets cultivated in the life when we used to be positive in our life.

It breeds Peace in one’s life, due the positive mind.

Positivity leads to react to all the external stimulus arising from the society with calmness.

Personal peace and Peace in society, gets built due to the positive attitude. As it helps us to take good decisions in life and in society and in governance, and responding to the decisions carefully makes a life and society peaceful.

b) Positive attitude helps to have a good positive respectful communication with clarity. In the polity or governance or in society where diverse opinions used to be there and many or superior used to talk always.

Responding then calmly, and having peaceful talks Leads to build peace.

It used to happen due to our positive attitude.

c) We live in a diverse society, where problems are common, sometimes intolerance and violence used to be there.

Sometimes people approach to the administrator for problems.

So person with positive attitude, will try to listen the people, he will talk to them, and bring resolution mechanism, he brings positive resolutions which is helpful to everybody.

In this way, having positive attitude, helpful to build peace in governance and administration by reducing conflicts.

d) Person with positive attitude influence others greatly, with his great communication skills and positivity, people will listen to him positively. And in this way, peace can be developed due to influence.

Relation of Attitude creates difference and Peace:

• They are very closely related to each other. We used to adopt positive attitude for greater good, for creating major difference in the Society.

• And why we do adopt it so? The ultimate aim is our personal, professional and Social Peace.

• Peace is the end of difference we create through being positive.

• But sometimes in life, having negative attitude can destroy the inner peace and brings the negative differences or outcomes.

Attitude does not create a difference:

a) Attitude without discipline, determination, courage, selflessness, accountability, responsibility, integrity, does not create a difference.

• For Ex. A person who was giving competitive examination with positive attitude.

But due to lack of consistency and determination and courage, he could not clear it.

He could not create that Impact or difference.

b) Attitude requires constant support from family and society, mentally and financially too.

If a person is dreaming to become a doctor with positive attitude.

But due to lack of Resources and support, he could not join the classes and he could not be mentally and financially stable during preparation on his own.

And eventually he ended up with  negative thoughts. That ultimately does not create any big difference.

Attitude does not build peace:

• To build a peace, having only Attitude will not work.

Constant support from known and Society is needed.

To bring a Peace, great Cooperation is needed from the all.

But merely having Attitude will not help. As personal desires and wants, and societies expectations and materialistic needs affects the Peace despite having positive attitude.

For Ex. A person is happy in his life with less salary, he is positive, but his own desires and own needs and materialistic wants, push him to spend more which affects his personal peace in longer term.

And, for Ex. If a couple with different Castes with very positively, with positive attitude, decided to get married, then people from the Society, people from the family itself, boycott them and take away the Peace.

Creation of Difference and Building peace are independent of the Attitude:

• Creating a differences and building Peace can be the result of their intense affection towards people and not merely a result of Attitude.

• Great empathy and compassion towards weaker section and poor, leads to create great difference in the Society and Development of Peace ultimately.

• People’s determination and Courage pushed them to bring change for the self and social benefits. Which is not dependent on Attitude only.

Way Forward:

• Teaching children to adopt positivity from the family itself.
To take decisions and react calmly.

• Inculcating values of being positivity, and teaching about Impact of adopting negativity in the life. Proper Institutional guidance needs to be provided as Attitude can be formed at the institutions itself.

• Inculcating positivity and how it can be making it useful to be peaceful etc.

• Creation of Culture of Peace in the Society, and support from people needs to be improved by awareness.

• Along with positive attitude, ethical guidance, teaching discipline, selflessness, courage among all is the necessity.

To sum up with;

Creating differences and building Peace should be from ourselves, it should be along with Attitude, it should be from within without any personal motives.

Like I said at the beginning that Dadarao Bilhore created big difference and brought Peace in the Society by giving message to others and inspired others.

And we should always take a good lessons from such good man.

Being positive attitude, we should be always focus on great things for developing peace.

Nobody can do this, but only your positive attitude can do it, like a great man said below,

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thank you so much!

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