Municipal Solid Waste Management: Current Scenario, Issues And Measures needed to tackle the Solid Waste.

Solid Waste has been major concern of the Urban Local Bodies. Generation of Waste per day from Large Metropolis like Mumbai and Delhi is 9,000 metric tonnes and 8,300 metric tonnes respectively. Current Scenario of Municipal Solid Waste:• Focus of Urban Local Bodies in India has been greatly on the collection and transportation of solid … Read more

Quality of Service Delivery/Public Service:

Public Service involves the active engagement of Civil Servants with citizens or service providers to provide the required Public Service with high standard and high quality. It’s the commitment of Public Organisations or Public Service Providers to provide quality public services. Recent Ethics Examples: 1) There are many Aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE, and many … Read more

Patriarchy: Prevalence of Patriarchy, It’s Impact on Women And Measures to reduce the impact of Patriarchy.

Patriarchy is referred as the male dominated social structure characterised by male dominance over the Women in many spheres such as Domestic, Political, Working places, Taking decisions etc. Prevalence of Patriarchy: • Putting restrictions on women’s with respect to the career opportunities. • Pressurizing them with caring and nurturing children and looking after home only. … Read more

LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate

The LIBOR is the global average interest rate estimated by leading Banks in London that they would be charged for their borrowing from other Banks. It is considered as primary benchmark responsible for short term interest rates around the world. Many financial institutions, credit card agencies etc set their own rates on the basis of … Read more