Pay Attention to the Good Advices:

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• Great peoples are being always revered, respected widely. Because we have been liked their behavioural conduct.

• We often like, their integrity, simple nature, simplicity, down to earth nature, their dedication and compassion towards human being. Ex. Like APJ Abdul Kalam Sir.

• We try to adopt their attitude and behaviour, we pay attention to their Advices deeply.

• Similarly there was a case that people often forget the good Advices given to them and then they trap into bad doings, and lose directions in life and lost everything.

• Case of Ravana:

• Ravana’s mother told him to listen to Vibhishana’s advice about to return the Sita Ma.

• Vibhishana Adviced him that Lord Ram did nothing harm to you. We have everything, We have started troubles since Sita’s Abduction.

• Before we lost everything, Return Sita to Lord Ram.

• Ravana was peacefully ruling the kingdom with the Advice of Vibhishana.

• When Lord Hanuman came as messenger, Ravana wanted to kill him, but Vibhishana Adviced him that Not to punish any messenger is the Dharma of King.

• He did not listen and said to set Fire to the Hanuman’s tail.

• As a result of this, Whole Lanka was being set on fire.

• Because he did not pay attention to the Good Advices, he lost his mental peace, he lost his entire Kingdom, and he lost himself too.

• Case Of Children’s:

• Parents guide their children with best and positive thoughts, positive attitude.

• Parents guide children for their better future. Used to give advices for better life ahead.

• Even teachers at institutions, guide their pupils with very positive thoughts and attitude.

• But Some children always listen positively to their parents and children.

• And Some do not listen to their parents and Teachers.

• As a result, those who give attention to the Advices given by parents and teachers, adopts positivity, and inspired life with respect and acceptance from Society.

• And Those who do not listen, usually becomes negative, they do not respect others, do not achieve anything in the life too.

So listening and paying attention to the good Advices given by anyone to you. That’s very important to all in life.

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